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The Wright Stuff is a British television chat show, hosted by Matthew Wright, and currently airing on Five each weekday at 9:00am. It is repeated later on at 11:00am on Fiver.

It first aired on 11 September 2000 and was created at Anglia Television who produced it for two years until their takeover by Granada. It is now produced by Princess Productions. Originally broadcast from Anglia TV in Norwich, it is currently broadcast from Princess Productions studios on the third floor of Whiteley's Shopping Centre, Bayswater, London.

Matthew Wright has hosted the show since it began in 2000. When Wright goes on holiday or is ill others fill in for him, many of the regular panel members have hosted the show. Richard Bacon is also a regular fill in host and Wright's former boss Piers Morgan also guest-hosted the show a lot in the early days. Jerry Springer, Stephen Nolan and Anneka Rice among others have also guest-hosted the show.

This community was created because the 'phone-in chunk on TWS is just not long enough to have a decent chance to get your views aired, and so this here community is your best spot for discussing stuff.

The aim is to have posts bringing up the issues raised on the show, be it the main chunks, or just stuff that the panel raised from the day's papers.

The laws of land community will be laid down as and when I think of them, and any and all laws may be applied retroactively, so please, behave yourselves in a manner not designed to annoy the penc outta the mod. (me).

Tags have been created, feel free to use them, although I do reserve the right to restrict them.

While heated debate is not even frowned upon, ad hominem attacks are not only frowned upon, but may result in bannination.

Adult content settings are currently set to "contains adult concepts".

That is all, for now. :)
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